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Dimitry Z. Tsimberg
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Long Beach, California

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Did you know?

  What clients have said about me
"I was looking for a good lawyer to handle my case, which had some complications. I found Dimitry, who was very professional, helpful and cool. His personal attention to my case helped me win a fair settlement. Thank you Dimitry ... I hope that other people take advantage of your talents!"
-- Hugo (Los Angeles, CA)

"I was very happy to work with Dimitry, who helped me immensely with several business and legal issues. Dimitry is knowledgeable, experienced and results-oriented. I highly recommend him!"
-- Joyce (San Diego, CA)

"Dimitry helped me with many business issues and problems, freeing me from worrying about legal matters and allowing me to concentrate on making my business successful. I wish everyone had a trusted advisior like Dimitry, and I wish I had found him sooner."
-- Mike (Los Angeles, CA)

"Thank you so very much for the information you provided me. I've been lying awake for nights trying to figure this out. Tonight I'll rest a lot better thanks to you."
-- Mark (Riverside, CA)

"Dimitry saved my Home from Foreclosure. He is very thorough in analyzing a case, and honest and upfront about what he can and cannot do for you. Once he takes your case, you have as bulldog on your side!"
-- Hannah (CA)

"I needed help in my small business interpreting copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property. Dimitry explained the laws to me and helped me with changes that I needed to make in order to continue in business. He stays in communication with me and responds quickly to my questions!"
-- Tam (CA)

"I found Dimitry through internet and I was very happy to work with him. He was very helpful and made many things to solve my problem.. It is always big deal to make something work on distance, but Dimitry was very good in it. What can I say more? Thanx God that there are such lawyers like Dimitry."
-- Sofia (Ukraine)

These testimonials or endorsements are not guarantees, warranties or predictions about the outcome of your legal matter.



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